Mrs. Beeson's Class Assignment 

Gena Beeson, an English Pre-AP II and IV at Deer Creek High School in Edmond, OK, shared this with us a couple days ago.  She played our song "2 Years Ago" in class and asked them to interpret the lyrics.  Here's a note from her and a link to the assignment, along with some student responses...

        To say music is a universal language of pain, sadness, bliss, longing, experience, and love would be understating its worth. As a high school English teacher, it is my goal to be relevant and real and to draw my kids to the power of words in any way possible. I consider everything I hear, see, read as potential fuel for the fire of learning that is my classroom. The first time I heard “Two Years Ago” was no different. As I stood with rapt attention listening to Reid’s soul rasp the lyrics into an ethereal place while watching Matt close his eyes and drift into an obviously very personal place, I could not help but think that this moment and this song would be perfect for our next essay. Thus my Nelo-to-the-classroom journey began. 

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New Album Update! 

 Nelo finished mixing the new album last week. The mixes will be sent for mastering next week and a release date should be posted within the next couple months. Thanks for your patience everyone! This took much longer than expected, but the process has been very rewarding. It's going to be our best album to date, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

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